Avaa.io is created by property technology company Avaa Solutions Oy. We are Finnish based company and all our technology is build on to support demanding standards and legislation of European Union and Finland. These high demands have pushed our technology to highest level to support property management needs globally. Avaa.io is created by property managers to property managers. It enables seamless collaboration between property managers, building users and builders. Avaa.io automatically keeps data quality high enabling possibility for detailed reporting on property and facility management. Avaa.io is constantly growing and developing. We publish updates in monthly basis, to maintain our position as software frontrunner in property management industry.

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Founding team at the SLUSH-exhibition at the beginning of Avaa.io story. 

Why Avaa.io was created?

First there was dissatisfaction towards property manager who was not able to perform in high level. Then was understanding that it was impossible for property manager to perform in high level, because current tools were insufficient, to match the needs of modern property management. 

Realization of property manager tools low level created chain reaction, where unique collaboration between tech start up and traditional property management company started. 

We currently posses +30 years of property management experience and +10 years of software development experience. We strongly believe that we are on the correct track in creating seamless property management platform to support professional and private needs related to building management.

What is Avaa.io?

Avaa.io is property technology platform for intelligent collaboration between property manager, building users and builders. Every action in property management is supported by top class data management platform.

  • Avaa.io is property management software for property managers
  • Avaa.io is digital tool set for building users
  • Avaa.io is building data and maintenance platform for builders

Avaa.io is next generation collaboration platform for real estate communities. It includes comprehensive toolset for property managers and building users. Stakeholder collaboration, data management, reporting, task management, document archives, communication, digital signing are must have tools for all modern property managers.


Our mission is to provide transparent and efficient system to property management which enables collaboration between building stakeholders. By enabling efficient collaboration we will provide better management tools for decision makers, and also reduce both time and physical waste.


Our vision is that property management tools and building user services are seamlessly integrated together, which enables transparent and efficient workflows for both building data management and user services. We want to see collaboration between stakeholders.

Our values


We constantly developed our technology and way of working to become more efficient. We reduce manual data input and processing. We process data in smart manner and not manually.

Our key operational principles are constant development, iteration and integration. We develop ourselves, our customers business, our partners business, our technology and our community constantly. 



We respect the people, the data and the environment from day one.

We trust on each other and in our community. Transparency and honesty are key ingredients in our operations. 

We care.



Our operating horizon is long term and drives sustainable development.

Our platform reduces the time and physical waste by efficient collaboration and digital way of working. We build communities on local building services and improve the collaboration and efficiency.


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AVAA.IO - Intelligent property management and stakeholder collaboration

Avaa.io – Property management platfrom for efficient building data management and collaboration.

We have +30 years of experience from property management and +10 of software development experience, combined with open-minded approach to renew traditional industry’s way of working.

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