Available as IOS, Android and WEB-applications

Native mobile applications

Web-application for desktop use

Building users can have access to unlimited number of buildings with different roles and authorizations. Buiding users can control their own space data.

Role based accesses to features, which can be adjusted to suit all property type needs

Board of building is the highest building user role. Collaboration tools, detailed building data, user and task management can be made visible to building board. Documents archive folders are easily adjustable to be visible only to board. Building Board can also make announcements to other building users and property manager.

Major building users can contain different user groups depending on the usage of building. For residential buildings major building user can mean owner of individual apartment and for commercial buildings it can mean the manager of specific building section such as store or brand area.

Minor building user group can contain also different groups depending on the usage of the building and this group contains less usage rights than major building users group. For residential buildings minor role can mean for example apartment tenants and for commercial buildings it can mean employee of specific building section.

Avaa.io is communication and data management tool for various building and user types



Building partners

Booking calendars

Notification forms and task status follow up

Integrated services

Document archives

Contact property manager

Tools for building board

Essential info for space owners/admins

Pick your role and read more

AVAA.IO - Intelligent property management and stakeholder collaboration

Avaa.io – Property management platfrom for efficient building data management and collaboration.

We have +30 years of experience from property management and +10 of software development experience, combined with open-minded approach to renew traditional industry’s way of working.

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